May 2011 news

Some updates/good news/bad news to keep everyone in the loop:

Bad news:
As some of you may know, Arthur has been having some trouble with his arm for a while now.  Recently, he was finally diagnosed with having lateral epicondylitis – or “tennis elbow”.  The prognosis is good however, and with some time and proper treatment he will be as good as new.  Unfortunately, as of now, we aren’t quite sure when that will be.  This also means we don’t have a solid time as to when we will be able to play shows again.  Rest assured, as soon as we can, we will be back on the stage for all of you.  Sioum is in *no* way done (really, let’s just get it out of the way now and say that we will never be done…or even slowing down).  So now for the good news:

Because of this development, we have decided to change our focus back to writing music and promoting.  Our plan:

– Aggressively write as much music as we can…
– …which could mean another album in the sort-of-not-so-distant-future.
– Another shirt design in the probably-closer-than-the-next-album-future.
– Lots of chocolate and juice.
– Promoting Sioum…which leads us to our next topic…

The last few months have been really exciting times for us.  Recently, our music has found it’s way onto tons of blog and review sites.  It has been really motivational for us, as the feedback has been extremely positive.  To name a few:

The Sirens Sound
The Rocktologist
I’m So Kvlt

This has all led to a considerable increase in traffic, and consequently introduced us to many new listeners.  Getting our music and name out there is crucial to our success.  In reflecting upon all this, we have decided to make our digital album free to download (with an option to donate).  Before anything else is said, please know that it is because of your support that we are able to do this now.  And of course if you don’t have “I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend” yet – now is the perfect time for you (or your friends) to grab it.  Spread the news and help our music reach people!

Well, that’s it for now.  Hopefully we can have some new material – and maybe some new equipment – by the time we start playing again.  Until then…


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